• Giving equal opportunities to underprivileged children

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    Some of our projects to date


    Children helped with clothing, education and shelter


    Houses built for homeless families


    People educated to prevent child trafficking


    People helped with disaster relief


    Overhead costs

  • Our mission

    A cause worth fighting for...

    OrphanGift is a charity passionate about helping children in marginalized situations. We’re an ever-evolving movement taking every opportunity we can to do good where it matters; whether it means adding some joy through Christmas gifts, or providing food, shelter, schools and education.

  • Skip A Day In May - Thank you!

    We successfully delivered the first load of 600 school kits to 9 schools in Jharlang, Nepal, which is without doubt the most geographically challenged and impoverished place we've ever been to! Everyone was super happy with the supplies which were only made possible with your kind donations, so thanks again from the bottom of our hearts! Any additional donations will go towards our anti-trafficking programme in the Jharlang region.

  • Our story at a glance

    After having volunteered with orphans in Peru during 2014 I started OrphanGift to provide some joy in these children's lives. We launched a campaign to give 1000 Christmas gifts in two weeks to orphans in the Cusco region, and saw how the ‘small’ things could affect their lives. Since then OrphanGift has evolved following a series of events, with the clear objective of simply helping when we have the opportunity to impact. Children all around the world should have equal opportunities for a good life. That’s something worth fighting for and I'm really grateful that so many people have helped us along the way.

    - Måns Gårdfeldt (pictured with Jhon, December 2014)

  • How we work

    0% overheads

    We're small - and we like it

    Being a small charity has it's ups and downs - one of the principal benefits is that we can be nimble and efficient, maximizing the impact of your donations.

    Local partners

    Excellence in implementation

    For each project we select a local partner organization who knows the ins-and-outs and knows the local communities.

    Projects that matter

    Chosen with care

    We carefully select projects that offer the greatest relief to children in disadvantaged positions - and do not limit our work to a specific niche - if there's a big need, with large potential for impact, and we can be cost-efficient, we'll consider it.

    100% transparency

    Full disclosure and feedback

    We always send our donors pictures, videos and a full breakdowns of costs, along with the outcomes of our projects.

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