• We are proud to announce that we have merged with

    The Acts of Kindness Collective


    After being a key partner during 2015 and 2016 we have decided to pool our resources and efforts in order to be able to help marginalized communities bigger and better than ever.

  • How we started, and how we developed

    After having volunteered with orphans in Peru during 2014 I started OrphanGift to provide some joy in these children's lives. We launched a campaign to give 1000 Christmas gifts in two weeks to orphans in the Cusco region, and saw how the ‘small’ things could affect their lives. Since then OrphanGift has evolved following a series of events, with the clear objective of simply helping when we have the opportunity to impact. Children all around the world should have equal opportunities for a good life. That’s something worth fighting for and I'm really grateful that so many people have helped us along the way.


    After having worked  in Nepal between 2015 and 2016 in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake which paralyzed the country, we decided to merge with the wonderful people at The Acts of Kindness Collective. This has meant more resources, more efficiency, and more ability to help people in need. I'm really proud of what we've achieved with all of you wonderful donors and volunteers, and I'm really confident that the future holds more rewarding work. Thanks for all the amazing support!


    - Måns Gårdfeldt (pictured with Jhon in Cusco, Peru, December 2014)


    To follow our work, please go to our new website at theaokc.org

    To read about some of the projects we worked on before the merge, click here